When a wildlife camera snaps a picture of an animal, that is an observation!  When you Upload Images in AIT, the system will analyze the set of images you are uploading, and create observation records for those images that contain animals.  Those records land in the Tagging Area where additional attributes can be added.  This page provide help on the process of uploading images, and explains what each field means in the context of the system.

Uploading Images

1.    Upload the zip file(s) to the google drive folder.

Note:  Do not include any spaces or special characters in the file name of both the zip or the images themselves.

2.  Navigate to the project home page. Click "Upload Images".

3.  Select the corresponding camera location. Write out the entire filename zip exactly as it appears on the google drive. Make sure to include the ".zip" file extension at the end.

4.  You can adjust the priority for MegaDetector to process the analysis. You can also adjust the date and time of the photos if there is a known time error.

5.    Scroll down and click "save upload"