Projects are the highest level of reporting that can be done, except across the whole system.  Once a project is created, you, the user, can then establish one or many locations that represent a camera position.

When you create a Project, you are presented a webform where you need to fill in the fields with the corresponding information it requires.  This page provides a little summary of each field, their meaning, and input requirements.

Name:  (required) Give this project a name.  It should be meaningful to those working on the project, and distinguishable from other projects (they should have different names).

Status:  (required) This is an optional status field which can be useful when looking at the projects in a list.  Possible status values include: Planned, In Progress, Completed, and On Hold.

Project Dates:  (required) Enter the expected start and end dates of the project.  These can be adjusted anytime you edit the project.

MegaDectector Identification Threshold: (default value 0.2) This fields is currently NOT being used, but in the future, when a location is created, it will automatically inherit the value of what appears at the project level.

Summary: Enter a short one sentence summary of this project for when it appears in a list.

Description: (optional) Enter a project description.  A signal paragraph about the project can be very useful when you reference a completed project at a later date.  Take the time to write at least one good paragraph description.

Partners: (optional) Provide credit to a partner.  The partner must already exist within the system for you to be able to add it here.

Click on the "Save Project" button to commit the changes to the database.